According to some researchers, Vietnam has about 3,000 different kinds of dishes, of which Hue accounts for over 1,700.

Hue – the center of Dang Trong region under the Nguyen Lords – was the capital city in the early 19th century. That required Hue people not only to be good at cooking rustic foods but also know how to prepare exquisite cuisine for the royal families.

Today, though it is no longer an economic-political center of the country, Hue still maintains the shadow of an ancient dynasty with a golden age. nd among the characteristics of Hue’s ancient culture, food has helped shape the culture and style of Hue

Emperor-Dragon-Boat royal dinner cruise

You are dressed up like an Emperor and Empress together with your Mandarins and any royal members.

Being with each other dignitaries in the Royal styled decorated dining boat room and taste our demo authentic delicious Hue’s Royal Cuisines.

You are welcome and learn to dress up like those day of Emperor and Mandarins. After dressing up you be transfer by our modern Xich Lo pedal cab whose riders take you’re a round rom your place and through some hue city streets before getting on board of Emperor Dragon Boat.

Be greeted with one of Emperor well-known herbal wine, believed a special drink that help one of Vietnam Emperor got more than 500 ladies and 142 kids.

During this demo Royal Dinner you will follow certain Royal Protocols while Hue Imperial Court Style Music & Dance performers will perform to entertain you.

Here come with the  Royal Dinner menu

  1. A cup of Emperor’s wine
  2. Royal style Spring rolls
  3. Chicken soup with lotus seed and mushroom
  4. Hue Pan cakes ( Deep fried flower cake with shrimp, mushroom and green been sprouts)
  5. Royal Style Prawn (Marinated egg yolk )
  6. Imperial style team fish
  7. Mixed Vegetable
  8. Mixed lotus rice ( Rice, Lotus, prawn, pork)
  9. Hue assorted cakes
  10. Tea for Emperors

What you need to do:

  • Dressed in Royal Costumes (kindly wear long pants / trousers)
  • Bow the Emperor and Empress when received the herbal wine and
  • Say “Long Life the Emperor” 3 times Enjoy the traditional welcome ceremony
  • Keep quiet while Enjoy the Hue’s Imperial Court Music



Departure:  5PM at your Hotel in Huế city
Arrival Time: 7PM at the Dock (Nghênh Lương Đình)
Departure:  7:00PM at your Hotel in Huế city
Arrival Time: 9PM at the Dock (Nghênh Lương Đình)

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